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Monday, June 15, 2009

Salma Hayek appears too sexily in german TV show

Salma Hayek (42) appeared on a local German TV show called Wetten Dass, and she brought along her two friends. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld from Belfast, was confused by Salma’s Mexican accent since she revealed she is part Lebanese.

Last week This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes wrongly announced she was a lesbian on live television. Those breasts can be very distracting.Yay for alliteration. Note that I have no idea what the German show “Wetten Daas” is or why they made Salma Hayek dress in a Bavarian Dirdnl dress. It’s just nice to see that when it comes to celebrities with huge tits, foreign countries will demand that they squeeze into the tightest, most low cut dress possible.

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