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Sunday, March 29, 2009

ilena glamore images

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Interview with Ilena

She didn't play opposite top stars of Tollywood like Chiranjeevi, BalaKrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh. Tamil Star's waited for her dates but she was unavailable. Yet her fan following all over the South is immense. Even she has not done any memorable roles for yopu to remember, she's heartthrob of Telugu audience. She demands a huge price and Tollywood producers are ready to cough it up. She's non other than Ileana. This name is the stuff that figures in the wet dreams of the teens. She comes again to sizzle in the hot April and raise the temperatures in `Jalsa' with Pawan Kalyan. Our cover girl talks about her career- love life to Prasanna Pradeep who profiles her climb to the top.
She shot to fame with her very debut film 'Devadas', which was directed and produced by YVS Chowdary. And her very next film ‘Pokiri' made history at the box-office where she played opposite young crazy hero Mahesh Babu. The film collected more than Rs.40 crore all over. After that there were no looking back for the bare all babes and now the buzz has it that she touched the Rs. 1 crore marks for her latest film 'Bhaledongalu', which is produced by Bellamkonda Suresh and S. Sambasiva Rao and directed by K. Vijaya Bhasker.

Heard you are the highest paid heroine in Tollywood?
"I don't want to talk about my remuneration because that's the matter between my producers and me. Here only success counts. So, we have to take care about our success. If success is not with me, nobody wants me in their films".

What's the secret of your success?
"I don't have any secret to get this position. But I believe in God and his grace and my hard work that put me in this position. I believe that hard work will pay anytime. I too have many ideas and desires about my career. I'm a huge fan of Sreedevi and I want to play the innocent gal like her in 'Sadma'. I know that at present my fans don't want to watch me in that type of roles. But I hope the day will come for me to play such type of roles".
Her Tamil – Telugu film titled 'Kedi', opposite Ravi Krishna of 7G Brindavan Colony fame, bombed at the box-office. So, the Telugu version of that film 'Jadoo' hasn't seen the light in Andhra Pradesh.

Do you take flops in your stride?
“We know that every human being will have success and failure in life. I'm not an exception. I too saw good ratio of success and big duds. But people like me in glamour roles. For this I'm very thankful to Telugu audiences. They encouraged me a lot. I never dreamt about this position. But it's come to me because of Telugu films only. So, I never forget these people and this Tollywood. Success and failure are not in our hands. All depend on God's grace only. But we have to try our level best and remaining will be blessed by the God only."

Are you in love?
"Most of the love letters are from my fans. But I have not fallen in love yet. Who knows the future, may be I will fall in love. But I could say one thing I have some strong opinions about Mr Perfect. If any body has those qualities then only I will think about love. At present my first love is my career only".
She played a role in NTR's 'Rakhee', which's directed by Krishna Vamsi, where she sacrifices her love to Charmi.

What if you faced a similar situation in real life?
"No... I don' t want like to be in that situation because I'm very sensitive and possessive And I'm not ready to lose my love to another gal. I can't love a guy who has an affair with two gals."

Future projects?
"At present I'm eagerly awaiting the two releases of mine- one is 'Jalsa' with Pavan Kalyan and another one is 'Bhaledongalu', where I am paired opposite Tarun. These two films gave me a good feel and I hope these two will become huge hits and my fans will be enjoyed a lot"

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